Show your support to Lakeside

Hello Lakeside for Christ Supporter,

We have exciting news to share with you about Lakeside, but also urgently need YOUR HELP this coming week to save Lakeside.

Lakeside for Christ is pleased to announce that the David and Barbara Green family have generously agreed to make a significant bid to purchase Lakeside Christian Camp & Retreat Center, to continue God’s ministry there to youth, families, and churches in the Northeast. Mr. & Mrs. Green are the founders of Hobby Lobby, the largest privately owned arts-and-crafts retailer in the world. 


An Answer to Prayer

The Green family has a history of purchasing real estate to further kingdom-building work. This means that Lakeside could potentially resume its ministry work immediately.  We are deeply grateful for this answered prayer to save Lakeside and its Christian ministry. 

The Final Hurdle

There is still one final hurdle and a major prayer request. The Converge Northeast District Trustees, who closed the ministry in March, must accept the Hobby Lobby bid so that Christian ministry can continue at Lakeside. Therefore, we ask for your continued prayer that the Converge Northeast Trustees will accept the bid, thereby supporting Lakeside’s continued ministry in New England.



If you are a member of a Converge Northeast church, we are asking you to contact your pastor this week to share with him your heart for Lakeside to continue in Christian ministry. If you are not a member of a Converge church, we invite you to contact the pastor at a Converge church in your area.

  • Ask the pastor to speak with a Converge Northeast District Trustee and urge them to accept the Hobby Lobby bid. 

  • A template for you to use to email the pastor is provided below. Feel free to edit the email to share your personal experience at Lakeside or testimony about God’s work at Lakeside.

  • Email addresses for the Converge pastors can be found here

  • If you prefer to call your pastor or speak with him in person, you may refer to the template for talking points. You can also visit for additional information.


Please refrain from contacting the Converge Northeast District Trustees directly, so as not to overwhelm them with emails and phone calls.


Please feel free to email us with any follow-up questions, at  


Thank you again for your prayers and support.



The Lakeside for Christ Launch Team