Amelia is an 8-year-old, homeschooled, pastor’s kid.  She has been hearing the gospel since the day she was born.  She loves Lakeside and all the people who work there.  She is being raised in a very Christian environment.  She loves to worship, and devotional time is her favorite part of the day at camp.  This year at Lakeside Day Camp, she had new opportunities to love and pray for children who are different than she is and may not understand the way Jesus wants us to live.  She struggled with the way a particular boy, who was not being raised in a Christian environment, misbehaved at camp.  It shocked, frustrated and upset her.  In tears, knowing she shouldn’t feel this way, she admitted that she didn’t like this child and wished he would never come back to camp.  After talking with Amelia about how God gives us the opportunity, privilege and blessing, as Christians, to share the gospel, pray for others and love people as Jesus loves them, Amelia began to pray for this boy.  She went out of her way to be compassionate and kind to him, even if he wasn’t being kind to her.  She shared with him and asked him to join her in the game she was playing.  She encouraged him after he prayed for the first time. Amelia learned some especially important lessons as a Christian child and had opportunities to apply God’s Word this summer at camp!  These types of experiences are so valuable for kids who are being raised to follow Jesus!